About E.L. Rhodes

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Along with his passion for writing, Rhodes has many other hobbies that he enjoys. Check out his video below. 



Rhodes, a native Washingtonian, now resides in southern Maryland.  Throughout his life he has dedicated his time to art in some fashion.  At a young age, his father introduced him to the music world as he started young Rhodes on his first musical instrument, the drums. 

At this very young age, Rhodes and a few of the other neighborhood kids started a band from which several of these kids along with Rhodes developed into sound musicians.  Rhodes later started playing the bass guitar where he played for several bands and recorded on his first record at Lark Studios.  He has played, recorded and performed with a multitued of groups and muscians from Gospel, R&B

and jazz and continues to play, write and produce music todayRhodes fell in love with writing at a young age as well.  He began writing short stories, songs and poems during his high school years.  After his first novel "A Flaming Rose" was released, Rhodes was overwhelmed with the response and attention that it had recieved.  Now with over five books written, Rhodes continues to dive into his passion providing his readers with great entertaining literature.

He continues to dedicate and share all of his God passed blessings, gifts and talents for all to enjoy.