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E. L. Rhodes was born in Washington D.C. As a young man from the inner-city, Rhodes has experienced a great deal throughout his childhood and has reflected much of it through his first book "A Flaming Rose" (fiction).  This novel was in the making for over a year and takes place in the area where Rhodes resided until young adulthood.  

Writing started out only as an outlet for Rhodes and quickly became his new love.  Since the completion of his first novel, Rhodes has written several novels and plans to continue to produce his works with great passion.  As CEO of ASG Productions, a publishing company devoted to helping authors with publishing their works www.asgbooks.com Rhodes continues to emerge himself in the literary world. 

As a musician/songwriter, E. L. Rhodes transfers his creative wit from music/lyrics to paper.  He is a versatile writer.  From comedy to mystery and thriller, he shifts into high gear, and from every direction.  "A Flaming Rose", a fictional comedy, will hold your attention but release your laughter, while his book "The Serialization of Discontent" will intrigue and mystify you while keeping you deep in suspense throughout its entirety, "The Meeting Place" will warm your heart and make you smile and "IMPALPABLE" will keep you on the edge of your seat!